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"Jake Richardson UK Snowsports Developing Performance Coach of the Year 2018 & 2019"


The Cross Collective (TXC) was founded by the combination of a few minds who wanted to deliver an honest and professional training platform for aspiring young men and women. 

In 2010, Ski Cross hit the Olympics in Vancouver and soon became one of the most watched events of the games.

To become a champion of the Olympic Games, we need to be training this exciting sport from a younger age. It is no longer a sport for ex-alpine racers, It is a sport for the UK to get involved with early, so we have just as much chance to make the podium as the Canadians, Swiss, Swedish and French do. 

At TXC, our number one aim is to deliver training and racing that puts the biggest smile on your children's faces. By keeping the fun involved with high level sport, the drop out rate is less. If we have a fewer athletes drop out, we have more chance of taking over the podiums.

For the 2020 season, TXC will again be attending all the Audi Ski Cross races across Switzerland. These races are incredibly well ran and at no point are corners cut, which ensures both fair and safer racing. For more information on the Audi Tour, click here.


TXC is proud to be affiliated with Snowsport England.


“To achieve individual success, first you must be part of a Collective"

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Photographs by Anthony Brown, Audi Ski Cross & Parents