For our first camp of the new year, we'll be training in San Pellegrino, Italy, just over a couple hours drive from where our races will be held the following weekend. 

If you're on the fence of whether ski cross is for you, then this trip will be a great eye opener! We'll start small with the new comers, easing into the certain features you'd typically see in a ski cross race. Bumps, Jumps, Berms and Negative turns. By the end of the week the athletes will be lapping the ski cross track in Stelvio ready for the weekends races. 

Our more experienced skiers will be lead by ex GB Ski Cross team member Laurence Willows. 

Pricing as an inlier includes lift pass (for training days), accommodation, food, transfers.

Insurance, race entry fees and passes on the race day are not included. (Approx £20-30 a day)




Outward travel dates- 2nd Jan

Race training 3rd Jan-7th

Audi Ski Cross Race St Moritz - 8th & 9th Jan

Home- 9th Jan